GENERAL AVIA INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. will produce in Italy the aircraft "Pinguino F22" projected by the great Italian designer Eng. Stelio Frati.

The F22 is a low wing aircraft, one engine, retractable landing gear, two seats side by side, large luggage space.

The aircraft can be eventually equipped with all necessary instruments and avionics for night flight and IFR (excepted for ice conditions).

The design of the F22 is based on the worldwide need for a new initial training light aircraft, with great training efficacy, low price, able to satisfy the following requirements:

- training of private pilot;

- base training of professional civil pilot;

- selection and initial training of military pilot;

- tourism and sport flight.

The F22 performs in the best way all the tasks listed above, being able to execute all the basic operations of the flight, including all types of conventional deadlock, acrobatic maneuvres (screw included), and has sufficient mileage and hourly autonomy, as well as equipment for navigation, instrument flight and night flight.

The Pinguino F22 is realized in four versions, also semi-acrobatic and acrobatic, and is certified in Europe (EASA), United States (FAA) and New Zealand.